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Advantages using Ketonix

Advantages using Ketonix

  • Measures breath ketones, a realtime indicator of ketosis.
  • Reusable, measure thousands of times, at a one time cost only!
  • The sensor does not need to be replaced after X times, it can be used for years!

KETONIX is an excellent alternative to monitor and record your levels of ketosis compared to urine and blood tests. KETONIX Ketone Breath Monitor is a one-time cost and is simple to use while being extremely portable and robust. It has never been easier to see and monitor metabolic ketone production So what are the advantages of using KETONIX instead of urine strips and/or blood ketone meters?

KETONIX vs. Urine Strips

  • Urine strips indicate the excess concentration of Acetoacetate in the urine. KETONIX indicates the acetone in your breath. Acetone is produced from the breakdown of acetoacetate in blood. Measurement units are not the same as the concentration of acetoacetate in blood is higher due to less volume (higher density) and is typically measured in mmol/l. The concentration of acetone in breath is lower due to much more volume (lower density) and is measured in PPM. Again, urine strips measures acetoacetate in urine, blood meters measures beta-hydroxybutyrate in blood and KETONIX measures acetone in breath (air).
  • Urine strips can only be used once. KETONIX is reusable and can be used over and over again.
  • Urine strips show a historical value of the excess production. KETONIX shows a real-time value of what is in the blood via exhaled ketones!
  • Urine strips tests need urine and somewhere private to do the test. You can perform tests using KETONIX wherever you can access a powered USB port or the optional KETONIX battery pack.
  • Urine strips cost per test. KETONIX is a one-time investment!


KETONIX vs. Blood Ketone Meter

  • Blood ketone meters measures Beta-Hydroxybutyrate in blood, not Acetoacetate or Acetone.
  • Blood ketones is excess ketone energy and is formed when cell energy need decrease ... (ketosis decrease).
  • Ketonix measures acetone which is proportional to the ketones produced.
  • Ketosis is a process that rapidly adapt to energy supply and demand, it changes as much as glucose does.
  • Blood ketones can accumulate, breath ketones does not.
  • Blood ketones are saved energy and could be used at any time.
  • Blood ketone measure requires test strips are not for free, testing lifestyle changes is expensive.
  • Blood ketone devices are not regulated by any standard, common precision is +/- 0.3 for values < 0.5, and +/- 20% for values > 0.5 mmol/L..
  • Blood ketone meter values differ between devices, even when it is the same model and brand.
  • Blood values are measured in mmol/l and exhaled breath in ranges in PPM (Parts per Million). This is of course due to the higher density of blood than exhaled breath. Therefore the blood ketone concentration if Beta-Hydroxybutyrate is not the same as the concentration of acetone in breath. Just as the concentration of acetoacetate in urine is not the same as concentration of Beta-Hydroxybutyrate in blood.
  • Blood ketones measuring devices where developed to detect accumulation of blood ketones in patients having type 1 diabetes. High value of glucose inhibits the process of converting blood ketones into acetoacetate and energy, and the blood ketones accumulate.  In people not having type 1 diabetes, blood ketones will decrease as the cells adapt and could use them more efficient.