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Our New Website!


We're delighted to welcome you as a guest to our brand new platform!

We had to retire the previous website, but rest assured, we've transferred our content to this new location.

If you're wondering about the data you had stored on the old site, it's not gone. For the next year or so, you can request your data from our support team. Please remember to request the data using the email address you originally registered with on

Regarding the data stored in the "desktop Chrome app," it's saved in your browser. You can export and import data to and from the app using CSV files. To ensure the safety of your data, we recommend backing up your computer as you normally would. Additionally, it's a good practice to occasionally export the data and store it securely.

As for the data in the mobile app, it's saved on your phone. Therefore, we advise you to back up your phone regularly to keep your data safe.

Warm regards, Michel