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About Ketonix and why breath ketones is the good indicator of ketosis.

Posted by Michel Lundell on

Ketonix was invented by Michel Lundell who was diagnosed with epilepsy 2013. As the dose of medication increased, the personality was equally changed to the worse. A change was needed. Michel researched for alternatives and found a study from the early 1920's. A study using a "ketogenic diet" showed that children with epilepsy that did not respond to medication, did respond to a ketogenic diet. Why not try this diet instead of medication, after all ... the diet was just natural food.
Ketonix Green 2023When switching from medication to a ketogenic diet, a tool was needed to monitor the process of creating ketones for the brain. At the hospital, all they know about measuring ketones was to take a blood sample, which was designed to examine people having type 1 diabetes. When someone have type 1 diabetes, body cells can (when glucose is high) have trouble to convert the "saved" blood ketones into the ketone that could be used by the cell to make energy. This results in accumulation of the "saved" blood ketones. Well I don't have diabetes type 1, so measuring blood ketones will not be worth analyzing.

At the time 2013, there was only strips for analyzing urine or blood. None of the methods where indicating the process of creating ketones, this is why the Ketonix was developed: it indicates the strength of ketosis by analyzing the Acetone in breath.

Unlike urine and blood, acetone is created proportionally to the acetoacetate created by the liver. The more acetone, the more acetoacetate is produced by the liver.

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