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Does breath ketone concentration diminish once the body is fat adapted?

Posted by Michel Lundell on

Once your cells are adapted, they use fat more direct from intramuscular fat. Then liver does not need to "cover" for the energy that is not coming from carbs by producing ketones. Then it's mostly the brain that is the main consumer and to some extent the heart. If the brain cells metabolized fat you could imagine what would happen!!
So, when your cells get adapted, ketosis is on a lower level than when just switching from a carb to a low-carb diet.

It is actually when cells are adapted the Ketonix is as most valuable to find out what type of lifestyle that actually can trigger higher ketosis. When adapted less glucose is used and the glycogen storage will be filled up. Some people would want the ketosis to stay high to loose extra fat and keep the metabolism of fat high. To do this in a adapted state, it is needed to trigger the use of the "extra stored energy of glucose and fat". There are several ways to do this, and they depend on the persons state , medication, medical history and diet history. In general to somehow deplete the glycogen stored in liver and muscle will trigger ketosis. Some use fasting, some use anaerobic exercises such as HIIT and strength exercises, some a combination of both. When body "refills the glycogen storage", ketosis increase. This effect can be noticed up to even a day after a successful depletion of glycogen resources.

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