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Some words about fasting ...

Posted by Michel Lundell on

When starting a fasting period, body starts to signal "release" energy.

The released energy depends on what's available. If the body has a lot of glycogen stored, this will be released/used first. Until the levels of glycogen is low, blood sugar rise. Now depending on the glycogen storage levels it could take up to a few days before ketosis really kicks in.

Bill eating his fasting dinner ... a glas of water
How long it takes before glycogen levels decrease in such a way it triggers ketosis, depends not only the storage of glycogen but also activity. Anaerobic exercise like HIIT or strength training is very effective to target glycogen.

Tom infront of a fasting dinner ...
So when you start out fasting, don't expect your ketones to skyrocket the first day(s). The glucose will likely come from your storage and not from your muscles. If you have some kind of eating disorder, you should consult your doctor first.

It is important to get enough salt during the fasting period. Bone broth may contain some calories, but is a good supplement when trying out fasting.

For more infomation about fasting, find and read stuff Jason Fung writes about fasting.

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